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Malmedie is „TOP innovator 2021"

After 2018, Malmedie again belongs to the TOP 100 of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany. A big honor and reward for many innovative ideas like the combination of the Snag Overload System with the ISC Freewheel technology. The award will be handed over by the “TOP 100” mentor Rangar Yogeshwar, a German science celebrity, during the German summit for medium sized businesses. A scientific team around Prof. Dr. Franke checked around 100 different criteria to investigate the innovative strength of each applicant (company). THANKS to the Malmedie team and thanks to our customers, which always feed us with new challenges. (picture: 2018)

MALMEDIE´S Table Tennis Team

The "Ringelpietz" table tennis tournament of Borussia Düsseldorf for company teams in May 2019 was a good opportunity for our team to check their competitiveness. And the award for a couple of training sessions was a good ranking at the end. But of course, the main point was just to have fun - and who knows, maybe the team is coming back from next years tournament with a podium place :-) (Photo: MaJo-Foto)

If it´s too dynamic...

A new coupling technology from MALMEDIE is THE safeguard for your hoist drive train. The ISCC simply eliminates the damaging kinetic rotational energy of the motors upon E-Stop... more >>

MALMEDIE at the TOC Europe 2017

ISC-HOIST Launch at the Exhibition in Amsterdam. The customer Feedback was outstanding! "Full-House" and again a great After-Show Party! Thanks to all our customers and the Malmedie Team! more >>

MALMEDIE at the TOC Europe 2016

Thanks to all the customers who visited our booth in Hamburg and thanks for the positive Feedback on our new "ISCC" (Freewheel-Coupling). And the meanwhile almost legendary after-show party was just great again! Greetings from the Team!

MALMEDIE honored with ECOPROFIT® Award

On June 22, in presence of representatives of the Ministry for Environment as well as the Mayors of Wuppertal, Solingen and Remscheid MALMEDIE was honored with the ECOPROFIT® Award. The award ceremony took place in the historical townhall of Wuppertal, one of the most remarkable concert halls and conference centres in Europe. Berhard Keuchel, Leader of the ECOPROFIT-Team at MALMEDIE said: “I´m happy with the results – with several process optimisations, easy adjustments and modernisations we are saved 48.7 tons of carbon dioxide and 16.300 Euro within the first year!”

Malmedie sets up in America

Since early 2016, our US customers can place inquiries and orders in a very convenient way through our newly established subsidiary MALMEDIE INC. in Allentwon / Pennsylvania. more >>

90 Years of coupling innovation

In 1926, MALMEDIE started the coupling production. First under license of the British "Bibby" coupling and soon following with own designs, e.g. Gear-Couplings. more >>

New solution for conveyor belt drives

More and more conveyor belt drives are getting modernized worldwide; e.g. retrofitting frequency converters to the motors for a soft start instead of using fluid type couplings. Unfortunately in many cases it is not considered, that the fluid coupling had also the function of an overload protection. Malmedie now offers a solution for those applications, whereas a Malmedie Safety-Coupling is e.g. combined with a torsionally stiff and high kinematic drive shaft "Centalink" from Centa.

12.100.000 Nm – New Record!

The (so far) biggest MALMEDIE Safety-Coupling has been currently installed and commissioned. With an astonishing shut-off torque of 12.100.000 Nm, the Safety-Coupling protects a test bench for wind turbines against overloads in a safe and reliable way. more >>