MALMEDIE® Drum Couplings

As a connection between rope drum and gearbox, our Drum Couplings can transmit high torques with small dimensions and weights.

Increased capacity and improved operating safety.

The MALMEDIE Drum Coupling type TTXL is a further development of the RTT, NTT, TTX and TTXs versions, which have been proven successful over many years.

The new development exhibits an increase in capacity, accompanied by significantly improved operating security and also meets with customers demands for higher capacities smaller weights and installation space. The connection dimensions ensure the possibility to replace its predecessor types.The transmission of force within the drum coupling takes place through positive locking. Hardened barrel rollers, placed in the holes formed by the two circular gearings, are used as force transmitting elements. The barrel rollers are driven axially. The cover and housing, combined with the seals, prevent both the entry of foreign bodies and the leakage of lubricant. The torque is transmitted to the rope drum via the flattenings on the outer diameter of the coupling housing and via the friction between the coupling housing and the flanged wheel.

Note: TTXL Patens Pending.

Fields of application

  • Hoists
  • Winches
  • Conveyor Belts


  • Suitable for radial forces and torque transmissions.
  • Increased operational safety by advanced internal design.
  • A pointer fixed to the outer cover, and a corresponding milled mark on the coupling hub allow external control on the wear and the axial position of the coupling housing in relation to the coupling hub. It is not necessary to dismantle the coupling for this purpose.
  • As an option for the series TTXL, an automatic wear control (Malmedie patent) is available. With this option, a gearbox-mounted proximity switch gives a signal (e.g. to the crane PLC) at 80% wear. The automatic wear control can be also retrofitted on the TTXL series.

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