MALMEDIE® Gear Couplings GLX

With two-piece housing.

Malmedie Gear Coupling GLX

High Performance and Compact Design

The Gear Coupling GLX is easy to mount / dismantle due to its two-piece housing. At the same time, the distance between the two gear planes is larger, allowing for greater radial compensation.

For standard Gear Couplings the misalignment can be up to ± 0,75° per coupling side. Shaft-hub joints can be delivered as one or multiple keyways, shrink fit or spline joints.

Additionally, the GLX can be combined with an intermediate spacer tube (GLXz) or intermediate shaft (GLXw).

Furthermore, special solutions such as longer hubs, special seals and special grade steels for low temperature range applications are available.

The MALMEDIE gear coupling program offers a wide range of variants beyond the solutions illustrated in our catalogues to find an optimum solution even for highly challenging drive applications.

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Technical Data

Malmedie Gear Coupling GLX - Technical Data


  • II 2 G T4/TS/T6 -20°C <= Ta <= +65°C/+55°C/+40°C
  • II 2 D T100°C

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MALMEDIE® Gear Couplings GLX

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