Couplings for critical Applications

The standard product line covers mechanical couplings from 2.000 Nm to 11.000.000 Nm torque.


MALMEDIE Gear-Couplings are designed with crowned teeth, and are used where torques must be transmitted through movable shafts. more >>


As a connection between rope drum and gearbox, our Drum-Couplings can transmit high torques with small dimensions and weights. more >>


MALMEDIE Safety-Elements have been used for more than 30 years as torque limiters in various types of couplings. more >>

SOS Snag Overload System

The MALMEDIE Safety-Coupling MSC II is the heart of the first non-hydraulic snag Protection SOS for Container Cranes. more >>


THE future hoist! more >>


Flexible and fast due to modular design and design. more >>